• BACKSEAT MOTHERING–Unsolicited advice from non-parent
  • BUTTFACE–used in converstation, looking as though you are going to say “but” (“You have Buttface”)
  • GRANDFATHER BREATH–Unpleasant aroma
  • HAVING AN EXPRESSION–Making a telltale face
  • LUNCHABLE–Lip-smaking treat for the eyes (male); also Salty Goodness
  • McPLASMAS–Vampire fast food
  • MUSIC OF PAIN–Tunes to sulk by; country music (e.g., Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces”)
  • ONE-STARBUCKS TOWN–Term, coined by Xander, to describe Sunnydale as a town lacking in excitement
  • RESEARCH MODE–Time to hit the books
  • RIDING THE MELLOW–Enjoying quite time
  • TWOSOME OF CUTENESS–Good couple (e.g., Miss Calendar & Giles)
  • VAGUE THAT UP–To make a foggy explanation even worse

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