Neue Reisen

Ben Schott, der Meister aller Listen, hat kürzlich in der britischen Times Trends und Gründe für spezielle Reiseformen veröffentlicht:

  • Economics – taxation vacations, exchange rate tourism, technology travel (iPhone)
  • Gay Marriage (California)
  • Diaspora (heritage/return to roots, residential/buy property in country of origin, festival/return for events)
  • Travelcide (countries where euthanasia is legal or tolerated)- suicide travel, landmark suicide (Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Activacation (major summits eg. the G8)
  • Debauchery (Ausschweifung)
  • Halal Tourism (holidays complying with Islamic tradition designed for observant Muslims)
  • Gastrotours with or without Michelin Effect (make or break restaurants)
  • Pilgrimagespagan pilgrimages (alternative festivals and gatherings)
  • Babymoons (trips prior to conception) – procreation vacations (oft mit “fertility friendly food”)
  • Slow travel and agritourism (work/stay at farms)
  • Dark tourism (prisons, Josef F.’s town Amstetten, cemeteries, battlefields, concentration camps, killing fields, scenes of natural disaster, location associated with specific tragedies (Ground Zero), morbid-tourimthanatourism (Thana is the Greek word for death)
  • New frontier – first to travel to a new location
  • Climateeers – climate sightseeing (glaciers, reainforest) – rip tourims (travel to participate in the final throes of an activity eg. last Concorde flight before it was decommissioned)
  • Staycation or daycation, closer to home, local sights.